Victoria Buckley


Self-taught in her craft, Buckley first sold her collection from a stall at Sydney's Paddington markets in the early 90s. Her beautiful rings drew on medieval motifs finished with personalised engraved inscriptions. The idea caught people’s imaginations. "Back then, I knew nothing about making jewellery so I went to libraries and devoured whatever books I could find on the subject and then started cutting up bits of metal around the house to explore the process. No pots and pans were safe."

More recently Buckley travelled to the US, where she studied privately with Sam Alfano, one of the world’s Master Engravers, to help explore greater refinement in her designs.

Today, the jeweller showcases her pieces at the Strand Arcade; it's a fitting environment for her other-worldly collections rendered in gold, precious gems and diamonds. Buckley says, "When I first set up at the Strand Arcade 20 years ago, I had a tiny little studio shop upstairs. I instantly fell in love with the heritage building and the juxtaposition of the old with the new. You have this incredible history and also cutting-edge designers, making it a very exciting place to work in. It is a highly glamourous and creative environment."

Buckley thrives on the use of a combination of age-old techniques and new technologies – indeed, Buckley accomplishes her extraordinary level of detail by working under a high-powered microscope. Her opulent cocktail rings and pendants, engraved with intricate designs are all meticulously carved by hand. She is inspired by her clients to create pieces that are truly meaningful to them. "I’ve focused on developing skills that enable me to both build on and break traditions and develop a unique voice," Buckley says.




"I'm influenced by many things, from architecture to nature, but mostly I'm drawn to fairytales," says the jewellery designer Victoria Buckley, who imbues her designs with an intriguing beauty inspired by the eternal. "I’m fascinated by the idea of a jewel as hidden treasure from an era outside of time.